Ever sat there, planning a holiday, wondering how the hell you’re going to get from A to B – without having to endure two bus journeys, a flight and a less than kosher boat ride? Yes. Ever resurfaced from an intense Google fact finding mission with less than you started out with? Yes. Ever wondered what pigeon brains taste like? Probably not, but here at Travel Heavy we’re willing to place our bodies and bank balances on the the line to discover the in’s and out’s, the do’s and don’t and the certainly fucking not’s of  budget travel.

Travel Heavy maps out the mischeavious misadventures of two lads, conveniently named Chris and Chris. Bored with the banalities of suburban Britain and finding ourselves grasping at the last stalks of youthful abandon, else be irreversibly shackled with the weighty yoke of ‘adulthood’, we’re ditching UK shores to globe-trot, gallivant and generally get up to no good – from the bawdy streets of Bangkok to the rickety roads of India. Having overturned our mattresses (better interest rates than the Bank of England, you heard that here first kids) and stuffed our hands down the sides of the couch to rummage through the lint in a desperate quest liberate those last few pennies, we’re embarking on a not-so-conventional exploration of South-East Asia.

We’re not here to offer you that mass produced, straight out of Lonely Planet, confined to the comfort zone take on travel. Perish the thought. We’re looking to take the road less traveled and to bring you along with us. There’ll be posts, pictures and all sorts of potential tomfoolery for people of all shapes and sizes; fun for all the family (in all seriousness guys, be responsible. Wouldn’t want to make Grandma weaker than she already is, now). So pick up your laptop, plug in and join us in some peril by proxy.

This shit’s gonna get Heavy.

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