Feeling Fresh with Bia Hoi

It was once said that if you give a man a beer, he’ll drink for the day. Teach him how to brew, and he’ll drink for a lifetime. Well, something to that effect at least. And no sentiment could have been more apt as we discovered the delights of Hoi An’s fresh beer.

Okay, so fresh beer, or as it is more commonly known, Bia Hoi is brewed and served all across the country. But here, complimented by the serene surroundings of Hoi An, a man can feel an unrivalled sense of satisfaction supping on a cool glass by the riverfront. Brewed daily by the calloused hands of local artisans and dispensed widely throughout the town, Bia Hoi is a light and frothy beer characterised by insouciance. Creedless in its creation and with an alcohol content privy only to the Gods, fresh beer is a refreshing departure from the markedly more expensive branded beers.

Esoteric by nature, it’s true that hygienically speaking, Bia Hoi appears to be immune to any process or law and accountable only to the moral conscience of the craftsman, however despite its rudimental beginnings, Bia Hoi flaunts an exquisite flavour. It could be brewed in a scum-ridden bath basin for all we care because those satisfying suds taste delicious.

And for all you purists out there who’d decry anything not stringently subjected to the Reinheitsgebot law of 1487 (you know of what I speak) as unadulterated bilge, you’re highly unlikely to be enamoured with the branded offerings of 333 and Biere Larue so you’ll only be cheating yourself by not experiencing this amber nectar. What’s more, priced at between 3000VD and 6000VD only chronic cirrhosis of liver can be considered reason enough to turn your nose up at this offering.

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