Getting going

Currently working on getting from Liverpool to Myanmar and beyond – via a few months in the Alps and a 2000km rickshaw ride through Northern India and the Nepalese Himalayas…should be pretty simple.


Once we’ve got our plans finalized we should be good to go on the blog front. So give us a follow and check back for tales of wonder and woe (30:70 split)Β and some tips, undoubtedly at our expense, on how to get in, around and out of Asia

8 responses to “Getting going

    • Hey, no worries. Yeah it should be…interesting, shall we say. Any help promoting the blog and what not would be much appreciated! Jealous of your upcoming trip to Brazil I must say

    • Hey, no worries. Really depends on what we’re doing this winter as to when we head out to Asia – looking at maybe trying to get some skiing in. As to how we’re getting to India I couldn’t really say right now haha – getting to Jaisalmer is not looking easy! Any help promoting the blog and Twitter page would be much appreciated, ‘driving’ the rickshaw across India for charity you see. Thanks!

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